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    Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

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    Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

    Kiev Medical University UAFM is a very popular for its medical universities. There are many world class medical universities in this country. It is very healthy conclusion between the medical universities in Ukraine. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine, which is also very secure place for the students to study. The price of living in Ukraine is also very much affordable.

     Kyiv Medical University (KMU) is one of the most dynamic and excellent medical universities in Europe and CIS nations. Established in 1992, the university has trained a number of health personnel mainly general practitioners, dentists and pharmacists. Since on august 2014, nearby about one thousand+ foreigner students study at KMU. Because a university with the highest level of accreditation by the ministry of education and science of Ukraine, all degrees issued to Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine.

    The university is also registered in the AVICENNA Directory which is maintained by the university of Copenhagen in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the world federation for medical education (WFME) meaning KMU is completely recognized by the WHO all governments. The University’s Foundation for the advancement of international medical education and research (FAIMER) school ID is F0002349 Kyiv Medical University (KMU) is recognized by the Ghana Dental and Medical Council, Nigerian Dental and Medical Council, Pakistan Medical Council, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, European Council of Medicine, Indian Medical Council and General Medical Council of UK just to Name a few.

     KMU - Best Place to Study Medicine Abroad.               

     The course fee for the post graduation is depends ahead the course selected by the students. Some of the featured courses provided by the Kyiv Medical University for are Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Internal diseases, Urology, Microbiology, Toxicology, Radiology, Oncology, Pulmonary Medicine, Dermatology and Venereology etc.

     The Lecturers at Kyiv Medical University are brilliant professional in their particular subjects. In addition the Certificate provided by this university is well established in major countries of the world. The Kyiv Medical University has very good library for the students. Next to this the Kyiv Medical University as well facilitates scholarship to the student every year.

     This university provides special types of MBBS courses i.e. Pediatric Therapeutic Dentistry, Neurology, Operative Dentistry, etc. The certificates offered by this university are extremely documented in most part of the globe.

     The below mentioned information highlights the course that we look to offer to our aspirants who comes from across to participate on the quest of knowledge to become more then acceptable and dignified.

     Dental Surgery Department headed by Tymofejev O

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