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    Top Medical Colleges For MBBS in South America


    Study MBBS In South America

    South America has always been a forerunner in imparting medical education to the students coming from across the world. Studying here offers a lifetime opportunity to the students to study in a world class environment and in some of the top-run universities of the world. The quality of education imparted by these colleges is worth the time and money spent. Moreover, the friendly environment that offers education in a stress free manner provides a conducive environment to study medicine here.

    Studying MBBS in South America offers a lot of exposure to the students coming from India. They learn how to mix with other students who belong to varied cultural backgrounds, get to learn their languages and knowledge and apart from that, the practical clinical training that the curriculum offers gives them an edge over others studying MBBS in other countries.

    Studying in MBBS Colleges in South America is extremely popular among Indian students. Study MBBS Education in South America at the top MBBS colleges in USA is one of the best option for India Students. Almost all medical Universities in South America are accredited by authorities such as (WHO) World Health Organisation. There is no entrance test demanded by the South American medical universities. Speak to our overseas education consultant to accumulate all study abroad. Study medicine in South America in English at one of the top rated university in South America for MBBS with a very affordable fees is now offered to students. South America offers MBBS education with lowest fees in the world and at some of the best MBBS colleges in USA. Among South America MBBS colleges the top MBBS university in South America have a lower South America medical college fees in comparison to India. South America MBBS fee is economical for students who want to study medicine in South America universities or a cheapest medical university in Asia. The total fees for MBBS in South America are much lower than Indian medical colleges. Due to a low study in South America cost, even though, there exists a wonderful South America medical education center is what makes study in South America for Indian students a wonderful option.

    Duration of MBBS program in South America

    The program offered by South American universities is MD which is equivalent to the MBBS program of Asian countries. The BS-MD course is about 5.5 years when taken on a normal track while direct MD course is of 4 years. A high level of professionalism and problem solving skills are imparted to the students, facilitating further education and knowledge enhancement during their tenureship.

    Mode of Instruction

    The mode   instruction of the medicine program in South America is English. However, being a student, you have to furnish English proficiency tests, including good scores in TOEFL and IELTS. You can always know the requirements from the respective university websites.


    Admission, granted in South American universities is always based on merit. For applying to any university in South America, a student has to submit completed CV, photographs, previous academic documents, professional certificates, reference letters, work experience, English language evidence, SOP, copy of passport and visa. Some of the universities also ask for an application fee, but not all. So, you have to check the same on your own.

    Tuition Fee

    The tuition fee of medicine program in South American universities is quite low. Approx $8000 yearly is charged by most universities here. Talking about cost of living expenses, the hostel fee, food fee and books cost around $400 which is not at all a big amount.


    The medical degree obtained by a student from the South American university is recognized by the World Health Organization, Global Alliance for Medical Education, International Association for Medical Education and Medical Council of India.

    Career Prospects

    Nearly every student studying in South American universities can work for 20 hours per week on a part time basis. However, during summer holidays, he is allowed to work full time.

    After completing the course, the student is allowed to stay back in South America and search for a suitable job. The period of staying here ranges from six months to 3 years. When the student is offered a full time job in the country, he becomes eligible to apply for Permanent Residence.

    The career prospects after completing medicine degree in South America is bright. The students get the chance to work in high-profile jobs and get employed in various healthcare sectors.

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